Geeks Accelerator

Accelerator Program for Software Startups

Our program was created to channel our founders and advisor's experience starting and building companies, for the benefit of first-time entrepreneurs in Alaska. Based on their experience, we are focused on the application of new software technologies to modernize legacy industries.

What do software startups get out of the program?

Once a year, we provide a structured program for software startups. The program is a period of 10 weeks, and kicks off each year in Q3. Each cohort includes two to six startups. Here are a few reasons why founders choose the Geeks Accelerator:

great people and unique Alaskan environment with strong sense of community for startups


While ideas can be stolen, no one can steal execution or passion. The people you will be surrounded with and our unique Alaskan environment will inspire your team to want to solve challenges quicky. In our rapid iteration environment, the most important thing is not how perfect your code is when you send it out, but what you learn and how quickly you can revert.

software toolkit and frameworks to build SaaS businesses in Alaska


Building unique software that solves a problem is difficult. Turning that unique software into a startup company that can scale is even more challenging. Our founders have developed several unique software frameworks to accelerate building software into SaaS businesses. Teams in our accelerator program receive exclusive access to this proprietary software, as well as technical assistance implementing it.

technical assistance to build ideas into scaling software-as-as-service businesses


While advice is good, we believe technical assistance is the fuel that ultimately ensures success. Whether your team needs help writing a few lines of python or GOlang code, making decisions on business and product strategy, building a prototype in UXPin, or support with implementing a marketing and sales strategy, our staff and mentors are trained to provide hands-on assistance.

education for technical leadership and software entrepreneurship for startups


Since the startup community in young in Alaska, we believe it is absolutely necessary to provide strong curriculum for the participating startup teams. During the program, we spend two days each week on structured education and targeted learning. The curriculum is focused on prototyping, software development, ux design, go-to-market strategy, sales strategy, startup accounting, raising investment, and more.

focus to launch startup in Alaska and build into scaling company


Getting feedback and new ideas is the lifeblood of any startup. However, without focus, your startup will never be positioned to accelerate. We coach early on that you have to be focused on being the best in the world at something, and then build from there. In addition, each mentor is asked to focus on a single company to reinforce its success.

connect startups with investors and investment to raise money in Alaska


We understand that most startups want to participate in our program with a goal of raising money. Our program will validate your business. We have a partnership with Geeks in the Woods to provide optional seed funding for startups accepted into our program. When the time is right, we will help you connect with venture capitalists and angel investors to raise more money.

Startup Program Roadmap

While some accelerator programs don't tell you what to do or when, we provide a structured 10-week long bootcamp-style program to increase the likelihood of your success. Two days each week include education ranging from topics like continuous deployment for software to go-to-market strategy. And while you are working in Alaska building your startup, you will be in a creative and challenging environment that will foster accelerated growth.

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    Idea Validation

    Good ideas are hard to find. And even the best ideas face an uncertain path to real-world success. We teach and implement design sprints to validate big, bold opportunities. The process reinforces that great innovation is built on existing ideas, repurposed with vision.

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    Build Prototype

    Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, we help startups get clear data from a realistic prototype early on. We embrace the prototype mindset where perfect becomes just enough and long-term quality becomes temporary simulation.

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    Grow your Network

    Our mentors have deep expertise, are excited about challenges, and love to share their wisdom and connections. These are the people you need to help launch your startup and accelerate it. While you have the opportunity to engage with multiple mentors that will be consistent throughout the duration of the program, each mentor only focuses on a single company.

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    Learning from Customers

    Customer feedback is worth pennies on the dollar. Customer reactions are solid gold. We will consistently be helping you find more and more customers. By the time your product is ready to be distributed widely to solve real world programs, it will already have clients. This will provide the foundation for your product roadmap and go-to-market strategy. Success is learning how to solve your customers' problems.

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    Accelerate your Company

    A startups' only advantage is to complete the 'build, measure and learn' feedback loop faster than its competitors. As you refine your product and its market fit, we will work with you to determine a fundraising strategy to help accelerate your company. We will teach you how to communicate your vision, interact with investors, and the strategies to working with other key partners.

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    Demo Day

    While your team participates in our program, we keep the Alaska community, along with the investor network up to date with your progress. Demo Day is where words meet action. This is your opportunity to share with Alaska and the world how much progress your team has made along with your exciting future.

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    Future Success

    We know that mentorship is a scarce resource for first-time entrepreneurs. Once the program is over, look to Geeks Accelerator to continue to be the foundation for your startups' success. As alumni, you can continue to leverage our team, network of mentors, as well as the insight from other alumni.

    We love our community and we love entrepreneurship. We look forward to building the future of tech in Alaska with you!