Geeks Accelerator

Partners of the Geeks Accelerator

We partner with many amazing local organizations to further fuel the development of the startup and tech communities here in Alaska. We believe a strong commitment to inspire students, from Kindergarten through College, to pursue careers in technology will be the largest driver of positive change.

Partners helping build the Startup and Tech communities in Alaska

Alaska Investor Network
Alaska Investor Network

The Alaska Investor network to connects investors with entrepreneurs and vice-versa in furtherance of business and commerce in Alaska and to pursue economic opportunities. They collaborate with other organizations that share our mission to assist or promote commerce in Alaska.

Alaska Angel Investors and Software Co-founders
Alaska Angel Investors and Software Co-founders

Geeks in the Woods provides talent, technology and financial resources to build software startups and invest in the future. It fuels innovation and diversity in Alaska’s startup community and tech ecosystems. Due to its unique people, land, and technology, Geeks in the Woods believes Alaska provides unique opportunities to solve world problems.

The Boardroom Anchorage Alaska coworking space logo
The Boardroom Coworking Space

The Boardroom is a coworking space for independents and small companies. The entrepreneurial environment supports mutual growth and collaboration.

Copper Valley Telecom logo Fiber Optic Internet logo
Copper Valley Telecom

Copper Valley Telecom provides high speed internet connectivity, wireless voice, and data. They also provide high capacity special access services for businesses and telecommunication carriers over their robust fiber and microwave network.

Learn How to Write Grant Proposals Alaska logo
Learn How to Write Grant Proposals

Learn the art of grant writing with their online courses. Enroll in self-paced, online training to learn project development, how to conduct funding research, and of course - grant writing. Whether in Alaska or another state, they provide the best education to help you succeed.

Other Accelerators in Alaska

While Geeks Accelerator is focused on software startups with its bootcamp style accelerator program and year-round technical mentorship, the unique opportunity in Alaska makes it attractive to support entrepeneurs with big ideas to solve important problems. The orginal accelerator in Alaska is Launch Alaska. We highly recommended their program.

Launch Alaska Accelerator invest in scalable startups
Launch Alaska accelerator

Launch Alaska is a business accelerator that invests in scalable startups in food, water, transportation, and energy. Harnessing Alaska’s distinct mix of resources, markets, and opportunities, we work side by side with some of the world's brightest startups to help them scale solutions to the planet's hardest problems.

Our direct support to inspire growth of Startup and Tech communities

The coolest part about software is that one doesn't need to get a college degree in Computer Science to make a career out of it. We believe building a rich and engaging community for tech, software, and startups starts with education by offering mentorship, learning, and networking opportunities.

In addition to our structured accelerator program and our partners' initiatives, we also provide support in the following ways:

  • Participate in and Sponsor Alaska Startup Weekend
  • Mentor software engineers in Alaska
  • Participate in and conduct Alaska Angel Conference Workshops
  • Sponsor the Alaska Angel Conference
  • Support UW Women in Tech
  • Sponsor geeks to code in Valdez
  • Sponsor Innovation Summit by Juneau Economic Development Council
  • Sponsor Alaska World Affairs Council
  • Supported and Sponsored the Alaska Dev Alliance
  • Speak at local events