Geeks Accelerator

Apply to Startup Accelerator Program

Do you want to launch and accelerate a software startup in Alaska? Get ready to participate in our unique program structured for software-based companies. Applications for the next cohort will open in Q2 2019, and the program will begin in Q3 of 2019. Check back for more details in March.

Who You Are

If you and your co-founders are real entrepreneurs, you will figure out how to bootstrap turning your software startup idea into a product. It is best to join our program once you have a crude prototype of your product or a simple demonstration of the technology. It can be as simple as some custom code that helps to prove out your idea. Do not apply with only an idea. We accelerate do-ers, not dreamers. Our accelerator will help your team build your minimum viable product into a scalable software as a service business by the end of the program.

Applicants should:

  • be a team of two or more co-founders
  • have at least a minimum viable product
  • believe in themselves, their team, and their idea
  • be committed to learning, building, and iterating
  • live in Alaska or possess strong passion to relocate to Alaska in the near future
  • be willing to talk openly about ideas without NDAs (we believe companies are built by building and executing. Doers, not dreamers!)
  • possess a flexible work/life integrated schedule
  • be working full time on their idea, or be transitioning out of full-time job to pursue their idea
  • understand that failure is okay, and be willing to fail fast
  • be ready to work extremely hard in this bootcamp-style program
  • be positive, and believe in creating the future!

We will not accept solo founders to our accelerator program. Doing a startup by yourself is stressful. There will be many days where you will want to quit. Co-founders do not simply run a company together, they pick each other up when things get rough. Startups with two plus co-founders build the strongest companies.

If you are a solo entrepreneur and have a software prototype, investigating partnering with the Geeks in the Woods Tech Venture Studio for SaaS Startups. The venture studio provides a team that partners with 1-2 co-founders to build a business from zero to one.

How to Apply?

The focus of the application will be on your ability to articulate why you think your team is going to be successful. You do not need to apply with a lengthy business plan.

Until the application process opens in Q2 2019, be bootstrapped entrepreneurs and continue to build, learn, and iterate upon your idea. Your goal is to demonstrate forward momentum and that you can accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time. If you have any questions, connect with us.

Below is a suggested approach to refining your pitch before you bring it to us:

  1. Build a pitch deck - a 10-12 page slide deck that focuses on the core areas of your business.
  2. Based on your ideas articulated in the pitch deck, write down your business model in one page or less. This will help you notice flaws in the pitch deck. Update accordingly.
  3. Tell your most pessimistic friend about your idea using your refined pitch deck or your one page summary.
  4. Use their feedback! Leverage it to learn and iterate upon both your pitch deck and your one page summary.