Geeks Accelerator

About our Software Startup Accelerator in Alaska

Typical accelerators provide seed funding to an entrepreneur in order for them to hire talent and turn their idea into a scalable business. Since resources are constrained in Alaska, our accelerator focuses on the bootstrapped mentality of building scalable software startups. By leveraging unique local talent and embracing remote workers, we believe startups focused on solving challenging opportunities with software can thrive in Alaska.

Non-profit focused on developing technical leadership and cultivating the startup ecosystem.

Our structured accelerator program for Alaska startups helps each team validate their opportunity from the idea stage into a fully-functioning SaaS product that hopefully achieves product/market fit. The structured program occurs annually starting in Q3, and each cohort includes two to six startups. Our team of advisors and mentors consists of startup professionals with vast experience in software engineering and entrepreneurship.

Understand as early as possible what each founder brings to the table and why you are the right team to solve the problem. Accordingly, our accelerator puts a heavy emphasis on the team for an idea. Smart people that can work well together can build anything they want. After that is solved, and if you can build your product and test it on some users, your team will be ready for us to help you accelerate your startup into to a scalable business.

Beyond our structured accelerator program, Geeks Accelerator strives to grow the startup and tech communities here in Alaska year-round. We help connect passionate software engineers who are dedicated to building a sustainable developer community in Alaska. We believe building a rich and engaging community starts with local school districts and tracks through University and then into professional careers by offering mentorship, learning, and networking opportunities.

golang geeks building open-source software for SaaS

Geeks Accelerator Transforming Alaska’s Startup Ecosystem with Open-Source

Geeks Accelerator, an Alaska-based, “startup accelerator”, just finished the first release of its open-source code project to bootstrap software-as-a-service businesses. This open-source code project written in the GO programming language is expected to transform Alaska’s startup ecosystem.

May 28, 2019

Geeks Accelerator builds jobs for tomorrow with Alaska’s community today.

Year round, Geeks Accelerator is dedicated to creating positive change in the startup and tech ecosystems in Alaska. We understand that the biggest hesitation for software engineers and other creative workers to relocate to Alaska is the lack of a tech community here. To help solve this, we are focused on these three pillars:

  • Community. Build awareness, engage with our communities, and support the efforts of local individual software engineers and creative professionals who are striving to share their passions.
  • Industry. Evolve the tech industry in Alaska with particular emphasis on diversity, women in technology, and sustainability.
  • Leadership. Empower all tech workers and creative professionals to consistently promote innovation and diversity to create a forward-thinking community.

Board of Directors

lee brown

Lee Brown

software architect, geek, entrepreneur, object oriented, python and GOlang programmer, and lives life pushing to production

Lee is the co-founder of Geeks in the Woods. Geeks in the Woods is a group of software engineers and angel investors that work remote yet connected in Alaska. Their startup factory Geeks Venture Studio partners with entrepreneurs to build and invest in software startups.

He continues to share his passion for software technology as a board member of Geeks Accelerator. To help build jobs for tomorrow with Alaska’s community today, Geeks Accelerator provides the best startup accelerator program for software entrepreneurs.

Graduate of Babson College, Boston, MA
#1 rated college for entrepreneurship

lucas brown

Lucas Brown

entrepreneur, product developer, growth hacker, creative thinker, software engineer, and loves building businesses from zero to one

With his twin brother, Lucas is the co-founder of Geeks in the Woods. Their tech venture studio partners with entrepreneurs as co-founders to turn software ideas into scaling software-as-a-service companies.

As a board member of Geeks Accelerator, he wants to continue to inspire entrepreneurs and software engineers in Alaska. His expertise in SaaS business models, product development, and user experience coupled with his constant drive for innovation makes him a cornerstone of software startups.

Graduate of Babson College, Boston, MA
#1 rated college for entrepreneurship

What is a Startup Accelerator?

Accelerators encourage many startups to apply for entrance and then, based upon varying criteria, select those for admittance. Once admitted, these organizations structured education and programming that helps the startup identify their potential market, potential customers and their first MVP (Minimally Viable Product).

What is a Startup Accelerator

In the United States, approximately 300 accelerator programs for startups. What are the best startups accelerators?

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Long Term Goals for Startup Accelerator

Within three years:

  • Graduated 16+ software startup companies from program
  • 60% of graduates stay in Alaska and grow their company, creating local startup jobs

Within five years:

  • Grow the Alaska Angel network of investors
  • Inspire more technology companies to launch in Alaska
  • Mentor 2+ startups into businesses that Alaskans are proud of, with scaling metrics and revenue of $10-$100M