Geeks Accelerator

Alaska Startup Accelerator

Alaska accelerator on a mission to build jobs for tomorrow with Alaska’s startup and tech communities today.

Since resources are constrained in Alaska, our accelerator focuses on the bootstrapped mentality of building scalable software startups. By leveraging unique local talent, embracing remote workers and providing entrepreneurial education, we believe startups focused on solving challenging opportunities with software can thrive in Alaska.

Alaska Accelerator for Software Startups

Geeks Accelerator is a non-profit that provides educational programs in Alaska to develop local software engineers, accelerate entrepreneurs focused on software-as-a-service and fuel the growth of our startup ecosystem.

Our structured accelerator program for startups in Alaska helps each team validate their opportunity from the idea stage into a fully-functioning SaaS product that hopefully achieves product/market fit. Our team of advisors and mentors consists of startup professionals with vast experience in software engineering and entrepreneurship.

We connect entrepreneurs, software engineers, creative professionals, and investors who love Alaska.

Accelerator Program for Software Startups

Once a year, Geeks Accelerator conducts a 10-week bootcamp-style program where 2-4 teams convene in Alaska with the goal of each software startup to validate their opportunity and scale their innovation.

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What is a Startup Accelerator?

In the early days of startup gestation, there were incubators and these organizations worked primarily with hardware based startups. Over the last ten years or so, a different type of startup emerged - startups that required no hardware of their own design. This changing and rapidly growing category then spawned a new class of incubators - now referred to as accelerators.

History of Accelerators for Software Entrepeneurs